Become a Rum Specialist in three steps 


Flight Club is an informal gathering of the initiated or curious in the culture of aged rum tasting


Enjoy wine tasting? Welcome to Rum tasting. A selection of 3 premium Caribbean rums, aged in French oak for over 8 years and up. Served in special rum sniffers that expel alcohol fumes and release rums delicious complex flavors of vanilla and smokey caramels. 


1. Select rum flights

Angostura, liquid gold from Trinidad

El Dorado, award wining aged in Guyana

Rhum JM, connoisseurs collection of Martinique


2. Climb ranks

1 flight, get your Rum Private

2 flights, Rum Captain

3 flights, Rum Colonel

Then earn your Rum General


3. As a Rum General, go out and recruit

Your name is entered into our flight log

Recruit privates, and train them up in Rum tasting

Christmas specials, earn a free sip on the house


Stop slurping start sipping.