A cracking bar of exquisite Caribbean cocktails


A Trinidadian bar in Williamsburg


At Clyde’s, worlds collide. As the only Trinidadian-owned cocktail bar serving a well-crafted rum roster in Williamsburg, it fosters kinship among the curious and the culturally astute.


During World War 2

Due to an agreement between the US and the British, the Americans established bases on Trinidadian soil, leading to a mingling of cultures little-known outside the Caribbean region. Young men were scolded for adopting the insouciant dress of the “yankees,” and musicians—during what was then called the Golden Age of Calypso—sang witty, subversive songs poking fun at the island’s new guests. 

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Jean and Dinah

A cocktail on Clyde’s menu which features Diplomatico Anejo and orange liqueur, references a ritzy song sung by the Mighty Sparrow—about prostitutes saddened by the American soldiers’ eventual departure.


A true Caribbean spirit

Committed to remitting a percentage of earnings to help with hurricane relief efforts for the rest of 2017.


Good food, good music, cozy nooks

From its music offerings, to its décor, to its menu, Clyde’s reflects the authenticity of the island.


Creative space

A space for DJ's, creatives, artists, makers and creators to mingle, mix, inspire and be inspired.


Serving up a menu of straightforward drinks crafted by the people who know rum best.